Social Responsibility

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With great success comes great responsibility.

We believe that financial success is only achievable in the long term if the way we achieve that success – the way we do business – is sustainable. This includes how we treat our people; the culture we promote internally; how we live our values in all our business relationships; how we use the natural resources that we rely on; and the effects we have on the communities in which we operate. To ensure the sustainability and responsibility of our business, we continuously assess the impact that our products have on society, the environment and our economy.


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Read more about our Sustainability & Responsibility approach and achievements by going to our corporate website

Celebrating responsibly

Diageo is proud to be a company whose purpose is 'celebrating life, every day, everywhere'. As the world's leading premium drinks business, this requires us to think especially deeply about our responsibilities to society and more broadly what it means to be a sustainable company. We are a leader within our industry in promoting responsible drinking worldwide. Find out how by going to our corporate website

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